The Faces of the Food Chain

Winning idea by FoCo_Cafe
The Faces of the Food Chain




The Idea


We would feature the faces of our local food chain by pairing high impact photography and narrative biographies. These images would include some of the homeless members of our community who are working at local CSAs. The images would be used to raise funds for a startup nonprofit community cafe.

The Specifics

The monies would be used to contract the photography for exhibition. The images would be a centerpiece for a fundraiser for the FoCo Cafe, which strives to build community by providing nutritious and delicious meals regardless of their ability to pay while using local, organic, and sustainably grown ingredients. The fundraiser would highlight growing while bringing awareness to the issue of food insecurity, and the resulting funds would be used to address the issue directly.

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Submission Began
Wednesday, June 06

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Friday, July 13
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Friday, July 13

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The Faces of the Food Chain
The Faces of the Food Chain

Winner Announced
Friday, July 27

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